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Kestrel Class

Welcome to Kestrel Class!

Welcome to Kestrel Class. 

May 2018 - Brilliant Bristol Boats!

Autumn 2017: A day at Victorian school

Kestrel Class took a step back in time when we visited the Victorian school at Sevington for the day.  We were greeted by Miss Squire who quickly established the rules and expectations for behaviour - somewhat different from today! 


She appointed monitors, two boys and two girls, who had to sit on the ends of the rows and hand out and collect equipment.



  Our first task was writing on slates.  We held our slate pencils aloft to show we were ready to start.



On the command, "Commence!" we set to work.  Lots of concentration needed.  



Lunch was Victorian-style too - no yoghurts and exotic fruit today.  



Then there was a welcome break to play in the school garden - boys on one side and girls on the other.  



After lunch we practised writing in our copy books with ink pens, dipped into the ink wells on our desks, which required careful blotting.  



There was just time for the girls to learn to make lavender bags and the boys to make beeswax candles.  Miss Squire's last task of the day was to deal with any naughty children!  Fortunately we didn't have anyone but a brave Sam showed how punishment would have been administered if necessary.



What a memorable day!  The adults and children all learned a lot from this experience - and were glad to get back to the 21st century. 


Tom from Steamhorse History visited us for the day. We did lots of exciting things including ordering a timeline, examining Stone age and Bronze age artefacts, playing archaeologists and trying to piece together a broken pot, dressing up and making a roundhouse to name but a few. It was "The best day ever!"

River presentations Spring 2017

The children made presentations as a home learning task. They were asked to teach the class about a river from anywhere in the world. We had some very imaginative ways of presenting including powerpoints, bridge structures and even a River Brue cake!
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