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Friday 15th

Dear Kite Class


Here are some suggested ideas for your home learning, today.


9 o’clock - maths - the website for Year 1 and then Year 2 video clip and activities is on the learning grid for this week. How are you getting on using the red button on the television? If you need more to do you can always try IXL games (I see some of you have earned some certificates - WELL DONE!) or Timestable Rockstars as per our class letter where you will find patterns counting in 2, 5 and 10.  Don’t forget to use the maths table I gave out at parents evening. This should give you even more confidence. I have also added my sticker challenges below, too. Write your work in your maths home-learning book.  


10 o’clock - have a break. Make sure you wash your hands and eat a piece of fruit. 


10:30 - English - IT’S BIG WRITE DAY!  Mrs Earley’s group I want you to make a LOST poster for Tom Thumb - where was he last seen? What was he wearing?  Is there a reward if someone finds him?.  If you write a whole page in your red spelling book, you can write 1HP on your work!  Mrs Greene’s group, I would like you to write a diary of your week.  You can write 1HP on your work if you can write a whole page in your red spelling book!  Complete the sentences:


             On Saturday I ..........................  I felt ...............


Year 2, as explained yesterday you are going to write a description of what makes a great Stone Age person.  Look carefully through the book to give you lots of ideas about the skills required. Use your story map to help guide your story and to form each sentence.  Read your work through at the end, can you edit or up level any of the words you have used, think about your red and green words in our book. If you can fill two pages in your red spelling book, you can write 1HP on your work!  Make sure you write the long date and LO: Big Write, at the start of your work.  

If any of you need more work, remember to read a book from your folder, our new virtual reading corner or one of those books you have been itching to read from your own book shelf and ask your grown up to record this in your reading record. Don't forget to practise your spellings too, maybe do the sentences for the first half of your spelling words for this week.  Please also practise your speed sounds using the videos on the Kite page with the stars. Don’t forget to write in your seed diary. We have two baby leaves on the sunflowers at school.  


12 o’clock - wash your hands and enjoy your lunch hour. 


1 o’clock - DT -  Cookery.

Lay out all the ingredients for the recipe you chose and wrote out, last week.  Make sure all equipment you need is nearby, especially the kitchen scales.  Make sure only a grown-up touches the oven, if your recipe needs to be heated or cooked.  Try to take some photos to put into your maths home learning book, so we can share baking experiences when we are back at school.  I hope you enjoyed being a chef? Did it taste good?   


2 o’clock - Role play - spend some more time playing in your Kenyan den, is there anything you can add to your den from the topic facts and website from Monday.   Wear your costume in your role play area maybe add some Kenyan fruit.  Consider moving your den outside while the weather is so lovely. Don’t forget to water any plants you added last week. 


3 o’clock - golden mile - how many times can you run around the garden in ten minutes?


WELL DONE HOMELEARNERS AND HOMETEACHERS you have worked really hard.  Your weekend maths challenge is to describe how you get from the kitchen to your bedroom, using positional language from your maths stickers, this week. If you have any questions, ask your grown up to email me on the office email address found on the school website. Have a lovely, safe weekend.  Keep smiling, keep washing your hands  and stay safe. 


Mrs Bennett 

Kite Class Teacher 🧑🏽‍🍳🦺🧭

Year 2 Maths challenge stickers.

Year 2 Maths challenge stickers.  1
Year 2 Maths challenge stickers.  2
Year 2 Maths challenge stickers.  3

Year 1 Maths challenge stickers.

Year 1 Maths challenge stickers.  1
Year 1 Maths challenge stickers.  2
Year 1 Maths challenge stickers.  3
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