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Friday 27th

Dear Kite Class


Here are some suggested ideas for your home learning, today.


9 o’clock - maths - please find work attached for Year 1 and then Year 2.  If you need more to do you can always try Timestable Rockstars as per our class letter where you will find patterns counting in 2, 5 and 10, as we have been practising in class over the last few weeks and use the maths table I gave out at parents evening. Year 1, you will actually be learning counting in twos on your sticker, today. This should give you even more confidence. Write your work in your maths home-learning book.  


10 o’clock - have a break. Make sure you wash your hands and eat a piece of fruit. 


10:30 - English - IT’S BIG WRITE DAY!  Mrs Early’s your BigWrite task is at the bottom of sheet three for your first book. If you started it yesterday, carry it on today. Reread your work first, can you edit or improve it?  If you write a whole page in your red spelling book, you can write 1HP on your work!  Mrs Greene’s group, I would like you to write a diary of your week.  You can write 1HP on your work if you can write a whole page in your red spelling book!  Complete the sentences:


             On Monday I..........................  I felt...............


Year 2, you are going to write and decorate a party invitation!  See the enclosed page for some ideas.  If you can fill two pages in, you can write 1HP on your work!  Make sure you write the long date and LO: Big Write, at the start of your work.  

If any of you need more work, remember to read a book from your folder and ask your grown up to record this in your reading record. Don't forget to practise your spellings too, maybe do the sentences for the first half of your spelling words for this week.  


12 o’clock - wash your hands and enjoy your lunch hour. 


1 o’clock - DT - normally we would have been finishing our dog coats. We would have been hand sewing our rough edges and attaching our buttons.  As we can’t do this at home, I thought I would show you how to do sewing and / or have a go at sewing on a button.  You will need some paper with holes in it, some wool or thick thread for the first project. You will need a button, a small piece of old fabric and a needle threaded by a grown up for the second project. Look at the videos several times before having a go and make sure you work with a grown up.  Please put your sewing into your homelearning folder and stick your sewn button into your maths homelearning book with your instructions for making a dog coat that you may have done on Wednesday. As you know, Mrs Bennett LOVES sewing, I wonder who else will?


2 o’clock - Role-play - you missed playing in the ocean role play area on Monday. Ask a grown up if you can build an under the ocean den in a quiet corner, maybe in your bedroom!  Collect blue cushions or coats or clothes for the sea.  Put yellow cushions or coats or clothes for the sea bed.  If you have any under the ocean toys, put them in your role play area.  Put your swim kit and goggles on over your cloths!  Invite everyone in your house to join you in your ocean adventure as I am sure you have ALL WORKED REALLY HARD ON YOUR HOMELEARNING THIS WEEK!!! Take some photos or email me a video of your ocean adventure via the office or stick them in your maths homelearning book! 


3 o’clock - golden mile - how many times can you run around the garden in ten minutes?


WELL DONE HOMELEARNERS AND HOMETEACHERS you have worked really hard.  If you have any questions, ask your grown up to email me on the office email address found on the school website. Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to catching up with you on Monday.  Keep smiling and stay safe. 


Mrs Bennett 

Kite Class Teacher 🥱😴

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