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At Butleigh C of E Primary school it is our intention that through our topic enquiry questions that all children will develop a curiosity about the world and it countries and continents. For children to develop an awareness of both human and physical geography and how daily routines across the world can be changed by these. For all children to have the opportunity to take part in activities that set an example in protecting our local environment and the world. For children to develop an awareness of their own local area and develop fieldwork through activities on and off the school site (school trips and forest school). To feel a sense of friendship with the link church in Kenya and sponsored friend Allan and understanding of life there.



We aim for Butleigh children to be geographers who:

  • Have an excellent knowledge of places and what they are like.
  • Understand how places are interdependent and interconnected and how physical and human environments are interrelated.
  • Can use extensive geographical vocabulary.
  • Can apply geographical questioning skills to geographical enquiry.
  • Have the ability to express well-balanced opinions, rooted in good knowledge and understanding about issues in society and the environment.
  • Can carry out fieldwork and other geographical skills.
  • Have a curiosity of the world and people who live there.




Each teacher is responsible for delivering Geography lessons as part of our ‘Topic’ work. Lessons can be cross-curricular. At the beginning of each topic, staff decide together which specific themed activities they would like to complete, such as cooking. Topics are currently on a 2-year rolling programme. Each term, optional topic homework is set. This links directly to our chosen topic in school. This is to develop wider links and develop deeper geographical enquiry and research.  Classes undertake geography trip and visits where suitable links are made. Visitors are invited into school to tell the children about places visited and bring places to life. The children are updated regularly on Kenya from a community visitor.



At the beginning of each topic, we take our objectives the National Curriculum. We ensure activities provide opportunities for cross-curricular activities. Year 1 will have two History topics, with 1 topic being Geography based (with History links). Year 2 will have two Geography topics (with History links), with 1 being History based (with Geography links).



Children develop their knowledge and understanding of geographical features and the significance of this. Children develop their understanding of continents, countries and seas. Children feel confident when using fieldwork to support their ideas and can begin to apply this to opportunities in school (eg. Forest School lessons). Children feel inspired to extend their curiosity about the World, either at home or at secondary school.


Recording of lessons will take place in Topic books or our topic floor books. Work will also be documented through displays and website pictures. 


Reporting  On our annual reports, which are given to parents at the end of the year, a judgement will be made regarding their child’s attainment in Geography relating to the national curriculum for their year group.




Curriculum leader to collate evidence including analysing how planning matches the evidence in books, learning walks, speaking to pupils about their learning and discussing with colleagues what has gone well as well as any lessons learnt.

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