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Wednesday 13th

Dear Kite class, here are some suggestions for your homelearning today.  I am really missing not seeing you. Remember learning must be fun as you challenge yourself today and every day.


9 o’clock - Maths - please see video clips and activity sheets for Year 1 and then Year 2 on the learning grid for this week or you can access the same maths through BBC Bitesize by pressing the red button on your TV. If you need more to do you can always try the sticker challenges below,  Timestable Rockstars and use the maths table I gave out at parents evening. This should help you out. Write your work in your maths home-learning book.  If you would like to to try some different maths games you could try the IXL website below.  You can earn certificates from this website, just like our reading certificates. 

10 o’clock - have a break. Make sure you wash your hands and eat a piece of fruit. 


10:30 - English - Mrs Earley’s group to read the book Tom Thumb again and then hold TWO sentences as outlined below. Write your sentences in your red spelling book or and the sheet provided below and complete the grammar and vocabulary sheet below. Year 2 to read The Stone Age again - the books are on the learning grid for this week, the one with the spiral button on this website and then complete I want you to write a list of all the verbs you can find in the book. This week the verbs are in the past tense (they happened yesterday or an hour ago or a long time ago, like the Stone Age).  Remember, a verb is a doing word that involves an action and normally ends in ‘ing’ for example jumping, skipping etc. past tense verbs often end in ‘ed’ like walked or skipped.  They may also end in ‘t’, like slept or wept.  You may even come across a tricky past tense verb that doesn’t follow these rules!   How many verbs can you find?  Write your verbs in your red spelling book using the lines to keep your writing very neat!  Use a DUMTUM which is date, underline, miss a line, title, underline,miss a line. Make sure you write the long date and the title is ‘Finding Verbs’.  Can you make your work neater than last week! If any of you need more work, remember to read a book from your folder, our virtual reading corner or choose one from your book shelf and ask your grown up to record this in your reading record.  Don't forget to practise your new spellings too, maybe do the first column and update your seed diary.  Has anything happened to the things you planted last week?  The tomato plants were halfway between Mrs Bennett’s ankle and knee at school, on Monday (use some of my key words in your diary to help your spelling of our technical, science words)! 


12 o’clock - wash your hands and enjoy your lunch hour


1 o’clock - Science- look at the learning grid for science and design your dream garden using the garden plant lists on the learning grid.  It is lovely that some of you have been to visit the plant nursery in Water Lane, Butleigh.  They are open every weekday afternoon and would love to see you on part of your village walk or cycle ride OR WILD PLANT HUNT! Remember to keep two metres apart if you meet anybody else on your walk, that is the same width as the Kite cloakroom. Maybe you can treat yourself to some plants to watch grow and add to your seed or bulb diary.  Try to record a sentence or two everyday about what you notice growing and maybe draw a labelled diagram.  I am hoping to go and buy a herb plant this week and Mr Bennett bought some everlasting lettuce in the vegetable section of Lidl, last Saturday, which I have put in our flower beds, so we can pick some fresh salad. Use your red spelling book for this and use the lines in this book to keep your presentation super neat.  Carefully sound out all your words.


2 o’clock - Music - we are now thinking about timbre (definition in the learning grid).  We are going to learn a different song every week and think about the timbre. See the website below to help you. Happy singing WITH actions this week.   


3 o’clock - golden mile - how many times can you run around the garden in ten minutes? Mrs Bennett is still persevering with the Couch to 25 app everyday. We’ll stick with the golden mile for now. They also have other activities on The Golden Mile website. 


I hope you had as much fun doing your home-learning as I had in planning it? If you have any questions, ask your grown up to email me on the office email address found on the school website. It was lovely to speak to some of you, yesterday and I love getting your emails and photos. I have such creative children in my class!  Keep smiling and stay safe. 


Mrs Bennett 

Kite Class Teacher πŸ™‡πŸΌ‍β™‚οΈπŸ•ΊπŸ½πŸž

Year 2 maths sticker challenges.

Year 2 maths sticker challenges.  1
Year 2 maths sticker challenges.  2
Year 2 maths sticker challenges.  3

Year 1 maths sticker challenges.

Year 1 maths sticker challenges.  1
Year 1 maths sticker challenges.  2
Year 1 maths sticker challenges.  3

Year 1 English, hold a sentence video one of four.

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Year 1 English, hold a sentence video two of four.

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Year 1 English, hold a sentence video three of four.

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Year 1 English, hold a sentence video four of four.

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Science 1
Science 2
Science 3
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