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Falcons weekly overview. Please keep all your work for when we return to school.

Here is the weekly overview planning. This links with the daily buttons. On the Monday to Friday buttons, you can see the Maths, English and other lessons ( Science, RE, History) you need to do each day. You are supposed to do at least 4 hours of home learning a day, if you are fit and well. You need to try to keep all the work you do and bring it to school, when we return. We will put it into our books.

You can send me your work every week so I can see what you are doing and give you feedback.

If you have any questions, please email the school office and we will answer your queries.

You can share photos of your creations on the padlet sharing page like before.


If for any reason you have not got the ingredients or materials to do the exact task, try something similar. Do not worry if you can't do the exact task on the exact day either. You can use the weekly overview to see what you can do in the other subjects.


Well done everyone.




Weekly over view for week beginning 19.10.20 (week 2)

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