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    For all children to learn, apply, experience and enjoy Computing and technology throughout their primary school years. To provide opportunities for children to explore a range of technology that will help to develop their awareness of technology in everyday lives and experience these technologies through a hands-on approach. To ensure that the teaching of Online Safety and Computing is discrete and cross-curricular. To provide opportunities for a range of programmes to be used effectively and to support pupils’ transition to secondary


    We aim for Butleigh children to be coders and users of technology who can:

    • Code for practical and inventive purposes
    • Connect with others safely and respectfully, understanding they need to act within the law and with moral/ ethical integrity
    • Understand how devices can connect
    • Communicate ideas using the devices and applications through the curriculum
    • Collect, organise and manipulate date effectively.




    In KS1 and KS2, class teachers deliver units of lessons that have been chosen for each year group by the Computing Coordinator. These lesson plans are provided by eLims and these have been developed with primary schools. All children have access to the technology across the school and technology to support their learning.



    We take our objectives from Elim for access to training hub sessions, as well as planning documents for each year group.

    Knowledge and skills progression through the school  At Butleigh, in KS1, Computing skills and knowledge will be developed through building on previous levels of understanding on Technology in Our Lives, Multimedia, Online Safety and Programming.




    Children enjoying and experiencing technology that they may not have access to in other areas of their lives. Children being able to use and apply technology to develop skills across programming, multimedia and online safety. Children gaining confidence in using a range of technologies and sharing their knowledge and understanding with parents and the wider community. Pupils having a voice by being digital leaders and leading the use of ICT in school eg entering golden mile data, supporting teaching and younger children in their learning.


    Recording  Lessons will rarely require written notes. Work will be documented through, pictures and self-assessments (these may be found in books in KS2). ICT work will be found in books across the curriculum or in the children’s ICT folders.


    Reporting  On our annual reports, which are given to parents at the end of the year, a judgement will be made regarding their child’s attainment in Computing relating to the national curriculum for their year group.



    Curriculum leader to work alongside their curriculum partner to collate evidence including analysing how planning matches the evidence in books, learning walks, speaking to pupils about their learning and discussing with colleagues what has gone well as well as any lessons learnt.

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